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Very pure, very ambiguous. فترة تدريب وظيفة

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Yang Ming knew that most of the people in the detention center were hoodlums, and if he did not control them, he would be in big trouble, so he simply carried out his murder. Kill. Killing Brother Leopard said with difficulty, "You.." Isn't it? "Have you ever heard of Ji Shuisheng?" Yang Ming's hand increased its strength: "He was killed by Lao Tzu!" Brother Bao is a gangster. Naturally, he has heard of the name of Ji Shuisheng. Ji Shuisheng was a gold medal hatchet man of the gang in S province. He was very good at kung fu, but he was a little lascivious. Later, because he offended the eldest woman in the gang, he was down and out and was reduced to robbery. Old Chicken? Brother Leopard looked at the man in front of him in disbelief, and he was the one who killed Ji Shuisheng! It was not a shame to be restrained by him. Thinking of this, Brother Bao dared not be tough any more. He was afraid that Yang Ming would strangle him. You know, it's nothing to kill a prisoner in a fight in a detention center. I'm sorry Brother, old leopard, I don't know Mount Tai. I just offended him. "Brother Bao gritted his teeth and finally relented, but in his heart he scolded the prisoner who had just informed him." Hum Yang Ming let go of his hand with a cold hum. He didn't intend to cause trouble, but he couldn't hide from this kind of thing. He knew that since the detention center was like this, the prison must be almost the same. Although the prison control was stricter than here, there must still be a prison bully. If he is not a little ruthless,decorative palm trees, the days after the sad: "I am in a bad mood, if you want to let me vent, just come over." "Er, brother, it was my old leopard who was impulsive just now. You see, everyone is on the road. Songjiang City is such an acre of land. After going out,cherry blossom wedding centerpiece, they can't see each other. Let's just let it go, right?" The underworld advocates strength. When Brother Bao saw that Yang Ming was so good at fighting, he wanted to make friends with him: "My name is Bao Sanli. Friends on the road give me face and call me Brother Bao. What's your name, brother?" "Since it's a misunderstanding, let's expose it!" Yang Ming did not know that he had to stay in the detention center for a few days, but one more friend was better than one more enemy, so he waved his hand generously and said, "My name is Yang Ming." "Good, brisk!"! Brother Yang, right? Bao Sanli clapped his hands and suddenly looked sharply at the man who had just informed him. He kicked him on the buttocks and scolded him, "Little Tatsuko, why don't you call him Brother Yang?"? Damn, dare to frame brother Yang as a criminal. Do you want to die? Little Da Zi trembled in front of Yang Ming, Faux cherry blossom tree ,faux grass wall, he just thought that Yang Ming was so ruthless, even the leopard brother could not beat him, at the moment the heart has regretted the dregs, how can he be so yawning, but he clearly remembered that Yang Ming just came in? Did you make a mistake? But he didn't dare to say much. None of the people in the cell could be provoked by him. They were all grandfathers. The one who just came in seemed to be a grandfather, so he didn't care much. He quickly said humbly, "Brother Yang, you have a lot of adults. Don't haggle with me. Look at me, I owe a lot. It's like I owe a lot!" "Damn, I see you too!" Bao Sanli slapped Xiao Tatsuko on the back of the head. Forget it, Brother Bao. "Yang Ming grabbed Bao Sanli's hand and said," Don't hit him. What he said is right! " Bao Sanli was originally very strong, but he couldn't break free after being caught by Yang Ming. He was shocked, so he pretended to stop and said, "Now that Brother Yang has spoken, I'll spare you this time. Why don't you thank Brother Yang quickly?" "Thank you, Brother Yang, thank you, Brother Yang!" Little Tatsuko nodded hurriedly. Brother, what do you mean by saying that Tatsuko is right? Are you really because. The one who came in? Bao Sanli asked with some curiosity. Sort of! Yang Ming nodded, anyway, there is nothing left and right, and Bao Sanli's personality is very forthright, Yang Ming also told Bao Sanli about his being framed. "I *** his grandfather!" Hearing this, Bao Sanli was furious. He jumped up from the ground and cursed, "I look down on such a person the most in my life. I don't have the ability to get a woman, so I go to frame someone else!"! "Don't worry, brother, I'll kill him when I go out!" www.xiaoshuotxt com 041 Strange old man "Brother Leopard, I know you are loyal, but forget it, I will deal with my affairs." Yang Ming shook his head. What's the matter! Look down on my old leopard, don't you? Bao Sanli said angrily. How can I? I don't want to involve Brother Bao. Wang Zhitao's family is very powerful. I heard that his father is the chairman of the city's Xiongfeng Group. We can't fight him for the time being! Yang Ming deliberately used the word temporary. Because he knew that this enmity had already been settled, and it was only a matter of time before Wang Zhitao returned it! Originally he dared not say, but now he is not an ordinary person, Xiongfeng Group is nothing, he will be much better than him one day. Yes, I misunderstood my brother. You're right. The Xiongfeng Group is not something that little people like us can fight. Bao Sanli is also a little sad at the moment. Those of them who come out sometimes feel very unbalanced, doing the same illegal things, but they have to go to prison,outdoor ficus tree, while those rich people even do things a hundred times worse than themselves, still at large! "Let's not talk about that. Brother Leopard, how did you get in?" Yang Ming doesn't want to continue on this topic. hacartificialtree.com

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Very pure, very ambiguous.