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Tomb of God مؤقت وظيفة

2022-10-24 00:49   خدمة مجالسة الأطفال   Dubai   63 الآراء المرجعي: 2489
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"What is the boy thinking?"? I advise you to run away from here as soon as possible, and then talk about it after this period of limelight. Whoo.. I heard you say that people in the western continent are more open, why don't we go to the western continent for a walk, beautiful women and delicious food. "" In order to stop its nonsense, Chen Nan pinched it and threw it out of the window. "" Zijin Shenlong flew back at once. Cried, "The smelly boy is disrespectful to you again, Uncle Long. Be careful that if I shout outside, you will be killed immediately." Zijin Shenlong is threatening with teeth and claws. If you don't want to be arrested for making medicine, go and shout. Chen Nan ignored it and said to himself, "If you want to wash away my bad reputation, you have to ask Meng Keer to come out. But how can this woman speak for me? She wants me to die right away.." "Ow.." Idiot, catch her and rape her a hundred times! A hundred times! When the time comes, she won't listen to you, hey. Isn't that a good idea? "" Zijin Shenlong flew out of the window for the second time, but this time it hit the ground directly. It's easy to kill Lingyun, but it's hard to clear his name. It seems that we need to take a risk. Chen Nan made a decision and grabbed Zijin Shenlong and whispered. That night, a dark shadow like a ghost came from a printing workshop. That night, a ghostly figure came to the inn where Lingyun lived. Three days later, in the middle of the night, Chen Nan floated like a ghost in the streets of Sin City, and countless papers were scattered on the main roads. Soon after, Lingyun Inn outside a faint figure,electronic board for classroom, vague traces as if into the night, even if the super master heart to sense, it is difficult to find. Chen Nan has been here many times, if it is before, he may not be able to sit undetected, but after reaching the fourth order field, everything has changed, a few days of secret observation,smart boards for conference rooms, he knows the layout of Lingyun residence like the palm of his hand. Night wind gently blowing, Chen Nan like a ghost in the inn gently floating, he will be the fourth level of the field of cultivation to play to the limit, to collect all the breath on the body, as if it has been dissolved in this piece of heaven and earth, in a few corners of the rank of sleeping masters have fallen to the ground.. After finishing all this, Chen Nan stopped, the eight masters on the periphery were put down smoothly, and there were eight masters in every corner of the inside. He did not rashly continue, but observed quietly like a hunter, until he was sure that there was no hidden danger before he floated in. This time. Chen Nan shamelessly used the tasteless best incense for the eight people, which was prepared by himself after he took the materials from the drugstore. He did not feel ashamed, and now that the enemy had shamelessly framed him, he began to stop at nothing. As long as it works, all means can be chosen. Divide and attack, break one by one. In order to avoid making a sound, interactive boards for classrooms ,75 smart board, Chen Nan spent half an hour to put down the eight people inside silently. After dealing with all this, he had already seen sweat on his body, and although he had never really fought, it took him a lot of effort. The night enveloped the earth. It was very quiet in the dark inn. This is a deep and serene small courtyard, only two people live here, one is Lingyun, the other is the older generation of the Ling family master, with the observation of these days, Chen Nan found that the old man's cultivation has at least reached the state of three-step Dacheng. Two people's rooms are adjacent, if wants to deal with Lingyun, must have the conflict with that repair for the terror master. Chen Nan came quietly to the door of the old man's house, and he waved his hand. Zijin Shenlong flew down from the air, and then drilled in from the ventilation hole outside the room. At the same time, Chen Nan, armed with a long knife, silently broke open the door of Lingyun. He lowered his body function to the limit and was in a state of suspended animation. He walked into the room like a ghost. When he drifted to the front and back of the bed, the knife fell. Poof, blood spattered, and he punctured the sea of air of Lingyun, and at the same time sealed several big holes on his body with knife air. Chen Nan secretly called out "not good", this person is by no means Lingyun. If it's really him, it's never so easy to deal with. Even if a third-order master sleeps deeply, it's impossible to have no feeling at all. "This bastard is so cautious." At the same time, a voice came from the next room: "Who?"? Ah! Dragon! Oh, God! What do I see?! Chen Nan wants to raise the bright long knife. Break the wall with a knife. With a loud bang, dust and sand filled the air, and the golden True Qi of Chen Nan's whole body was boiling. Shrouded in the body, he held a long knife, stepped into the master's room, raised the knife and split down. In the darkness, like a flash of lightning, everything in the house was illuminated in an instant. The elder master of the Ling family was wearing a nightgown, his beard was covered with ecstasy, his hand was holding a purple and gold dragon, and his face was full of incredible looks. Whoo.. Let go of you, Uncle Long. Chen Nan's ferocious knife immediately woke the old man up, he threw away the Zijin Shenlong, he quickly rolled under the bed, rolled out, the ecstasy did not work on him! The bright knife gas instantly destroyed the big bed, and at the same time opened a horrible blood ditch on the old man's back, and the blood spurted wildly. Ah The old man gave a terrible cry, and at the same time a sword rose. He pulled out his sword and cut it back. Chen Nan sneered, and the long knife fell down again, and the dazzling light illuminated the room as if it were day. Boom. The old man hurried out his sword and was shot out at once, and the whole house collapsed in an instant. Master of the fourth order! At this moment, Chen Nan was shocked that the old man was a fourth-order junior master, and he was in the same realm! If he hadn't been caught off guard, how could he have been hurt so easily! "Ow.." This old boy has been drugged by me. He won't last long. Kill him! Zijin Shenlong howled in the air. Chen Nan stepped over the rubble and pushed forward. Suddenly,interactive panel board, Lingyun's room rushed out of a brilliant sword light, rushed out from the broken wall, straight to his chest. hsdsmartboard.com

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Tomb of God