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The White Moonlight Substitute wants to get over it. وقت كامل وظيفة

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Yu Tang put down what he was doing and immediately went to the front yard to see Zhao Che. Not long ago, she learned from the servants that Zhao Che actually left the bedroom last night after she fell asleep. He probably didn't sleep last night. But he didn't say anything, just hugged her to sleep. Yu Tang thought he was coaxing Zhao Che. But in fact, it was Zhao Che who coaxed her. When Yu Tang saw Zhao Che, he was walking to the study surrounded by his entourage. Today, the man was wearing a white brocade and a white jade crown. Apart from his black soap boots, he seemed to be wearing filial piety. Yu Tang ran over with his skirt, and Zhao Che turned his head sideways, his face flushed, his eyes covered with a white scarf, and he could not see his eyes. Yu Tang saw fatigue on his face. Zhao Che. Yu Tang called out. Zhao Che's entourage stopped and consciously did not disturb Wang Ye and the princess. After Yu Tang approached, he felt something was wrong with Zhao Che. He raised his hand and probed his forehead. The man did not move and let Yu Tang touch him. Yu Tang was startled by the hot touch in his palm. "You have a high fever." Yu Tang immediately ordered, "Hurry up and invite Mr. Kui!" "Yes!"! Princess! Bei Yan took the order. In fact, they have long seen that Wang Ye is sick, but no one can persuade, the key time or the princess works. At present, rumors are rampant in Kyoto, and Zhao Che must also be aware of them. Yu Tang did not know how to comfort him, so he took his big palm and led him to the backyard. Zhao Che still does not speak, Yu Tang is anxious, when Kui Lao comes over,rapid sand filters, let him see a doctor immediately. Later, Kui Lao found out the root cause of Zhao Che's fever. He winked at Yu Tang. Yu Tang understood and followed Kui Lao out of the house. Princess, to tell you the truth, Wang Ye's illness has been dragging on for several years. Kui Lao looked sad. Yu Tang's heart tightened, shook his mind, and then asked, "Sir, please speak frankly." Princess is not an outsider,Belt Filter Press, she is Wang Ye's pillow, it can be seen that Wang Ye and Princess have a very good relationship, so Kui Lao did not hide. The princess did not know that Wang Ye had been thrown into the insect pond for a night when he was young, and was not found until the next day. It was a miracle that he could save his life at the beginning. In order to cure the disease, Wang Ye practiced the pure/Yang skill. Although this internal skill is powerful, it is easy to attack the heart. Once stimulated, it is very easy to go crazy, and the consequences are unimaginable. This time, because of the matter of the first queen, Wang Ye was about to be unable to stand up. Kui's old saying pierced Yu Tang's flesh like a needle prick. Pain, the heart is more painful. She swallowed her throat, her voice already a little hoarse, and asked, "So.." If you really can't stand it, what will happen to Wang Ye? She could see that Zhao Che was still tense, Rotating sludge scraper ,disc air diffuser, and he was still fighting for himself. Kui Lao did not hide, said: "The princess should have seen before, Wang Ye he will.." Be mad/demonic. Yu Tang has had such speculation before. At the moment, she did not know how to help Zhao Che. Back to the bedroom, Yu Tang let the maidservants step down, she went to Zhao Che, standing in front of him, "Zhao Che, you tell me, what can I do, you can be better?"? If I can do it, you must tell me. Zhao Che was silent for a moment. After taking the decoction, Jun's face was still flushed. He put his arm around Yu Tang's slender waist and buried his face. "Mother." Yu Tang was stunned. She stood still and let Zhao Che hold her. The disparity in height between the two of them is too great. Zhao Che is sitting at the moment, and she is standing. This posture is just right. Well, I'm here. Yu Tang was so distressed that he bowed his head and kissed his sideburns. "I'm here, and I'll always be here." …… East palace, the prince's face is ugly to the extreme, more is despair. He's already a wreck. No one must know about this. Children are very important to him. Originally, he was overjoyed to learn that Yu Qinglan was pregnant. Who knows, there is a sudden rumor in Beijing that she is a false pregnancy and has a woman who is pregnant for two months outside! Does Yu Qinglan want to treat him as a fool?! Yu Changdong stood expressionless in front of the prince. He has long been disappointed with his wife and daughter, he did cherish his daughter before, but there are signs that although Yu Qinglan is still that clever, but has been completely different from the daughter. His daughter was so kind-hearted that she couldn't bear to trample an ant to death. How could she do so many evil things? Your Highness can rest assured that I will be severely punished after I go back! Yu Changdong promised. The prince closed his eyes, instead of punishing Yu Qinglan, he just wanted to know whether there was a child in her belly! "I hope the general can investigate this matter thoroughly. I care about that child very much!" The prince is still holding on to his last hope. Yu Changdong is the opposite. He was hoping the rumors were true. With the disposition of Yu Qinglan's mother and daughter, if they are given power, I don't know how many sins they will make in the future. Back to the General's Office, Yu Changdong ordered people to see Yu Qinglan again. However, Yu Qinglan has long been prepared, has taken confusing drugs, resulting in the number of pregnant pulse. Yu Qinglan sneers, "You are really my good father, even if you believe others, you don't believe me!" Yu madam also immediately cooperate, "hum!"! Your father only has Yu Tang in his eyes, not you! This is really strange, other people's wild/species, more important than their own flesh and blood! Yu Changdong stood in the hall and glanced indifferently at the mother and daughter. His life seems to be full of splendor, but in fact it is also a lonely half of his life. What he regretted most was that he broke off his marriage with Ming Shuyao. Just because I was too jealous, I couldn't get over the barrier in my heart. But now that I think about it, even though Ming Shuyao lost her chastity, she was still the woman he loved most in his life. It turns out that only when people spend time with their loved ones can they be truly happy. Unfortunately, it was too late for him to understand. Yu Changdong sighed and spoke lightly, without any emotion to the evil words of the mother and daughter in front of him, "Come on, check the girl's lower abdomen for me!" Yu Qinglan's trick was all right to fool others, but it was impossible to deceive him. At this point,lamella tube, Yu Qinglan really panicked. However, no matter how the mother and daughter resisted, the woman pulled out the cushion hidden under her lower abdomen. khnwatertreatment.com  

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The White Moonlight Substitute wants to get over it.