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The sword has spirit. Part-time Job

2022-10-26 03:08   Security & Safety     400 views Reference: 2552
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Shit! Who designed this BOSS! Fortunately, she now adjusted the degree of authenticity to the lowest, let Huangfu Shuiyue how to tease, the feeling is almost the same as a piece of paper, completely unable to interfere with her judgment. As soon as the red lip pursed, the light in Jian Ling's eyes flashed: "Dao Dao, how are you?" "Whoo, whoo, I'm blunt. It seems that I can only cut tofu in the future." In the sound of sobs, the novice knife was weak. Young disciple, who are you talking to? Did I drug you so hard that you talked nonsense? Huangfu Shuiyue seemed to flash a touch of worry. You're talking nonsense! It doesn't matter if it's blunt. Knife, sword, sword.. All of you jump up! Poke eyes, cut nose, smash head, how insidious how to come! Let's go,baby” As the ecstatic English came out, the novice weapons rushed out of the wooden box and scattered all over the sky like rain to Huangfu Shuiyue. Even though it was a rusty weapon with little offensive power, Huangfu Shuiyue's complexion changed. He was so pleased with his appearance that he didn't want to be blind and noseless! Faced with the disorderly cutting and smashing of weapons, he dodged in a mess, his footsteps were messy, and he could no longer maintain a leisurely posture. As soon as his body stagnated, the distance between him and Shen Yurong was shortened a little. Master, you are so wretched. The whip took time to say, "Oh, but I like it!"! Dead shemale, what are you staring at? Don't obey the whip,Portable gold trommel, right? Stare again, stare again, you stare again! Axe, explode his chrysanthemum! Chien Ling shed tears in her heart: heavy taste, heavy taste … … How can people hear you speak with a whip? It's not because you're too independent in weapons that I look at you a few more times. "Oh, it's really a persistent child, and the skills of the little apprentice are also very interesting." But you look down on me too much. A series of low smiles rippled, and Jane Ling felt herself being thrown out by the silk thread again. "Novice stick, novice axe, don't mention it,tin beneficiation plant, stab his chrysanthemum!" At this moment, she felt that the proposal of the novice whip was so wise and powerful that she could not help repeating it as her master in midair. Ha ha, "Huangfu Shuiyue's wide robe was raised lightly, and the colorless and transparent silk thread shot out from his fingertips. Life generally leaped and whirled around a weapon according to the trajectory he had formulated. Eigurong sideways left to avoid, the silk thread gently pulled, Jane Ling's body to the left to hit; Shen Yurong jumped up, Huangfu Shuiyue's fingers moved, and Jane Ling's feet bounced high into the air like a spring; …… Jane Ling estimated that his wrists and ankles were strangled with blood stains, but did not dare to look more, only secretly check their own panels. Sure enough, mineral flotation ,gold cil machine, the blood bar is slowly decreasing. The experience slot is shining. When can she upgrade? Almost forgot, this game is a manual upgrade. Could it be that wheion will bounce the two people in the opposite direction, and the systene right, attacked Huangfu Shuiyue with horns. His expression, righteous Ling Ran; his sword, dazzling; he said: "Lady,Carbon in Pulp, don't be afraid, I am here, all BOSS are paper tigers!" Perhaps the light of the Golden Sword was so dazzling that it dazzled her eyes. She felt her eyes moist and her mind hot. She adjusted the "authenticity" back to the default setting. ore-magnetic-mining.com

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Forty thousand years of cultivation