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Stendhal's short stories مؤقت وظيفة

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Intoxicated by carnal pleasures, Mina has lost her strength and is not as reserved as she used to be with Monsieur de Larsay. From then on, her rare qualities turned against her. She saw his melancholy and laughed at it. And the love he aroused in her soon went wild. How silly of me to worry! She thought, "I do it because I love him more.". What a fool I am to be troubled by such a thing! In the most intense happiness of the world, there is always such a thing. Besides, my character is unfortunate and I like to worry more than him. After all, God is just. She added, with a sigh. (Since she was the height of her happiness, she had often been troubled by guilt.) "I made a mistake and I deserve to be blamed. That night in Akers became my heart." Mina was used to the idea that Alfred's nature made it impossible for him to be as madly in love as she was. Even if he is not as gentle as he is now, "she thought," it is my destiny to love him. I consider it a great blessing that he is not a man of corrupt morals! I felt that if he had tempted me to commit a crime, I could have committed it. No matter how much Mina fantasized, one day she was surprised to find that Alfred was bored again. Long ago, he accepted the idea of leaving his entire annual income to his wife, while he converted to Protestantism and married Mina. On this day, Prince S held a grand banquet in Naples, which caused a sensation throughout the city. Of course, they were not invited. Mina guessed that he might be nostalgic for the wealth brought by the huge family property,ultrasonic welding transducer, so she firmly urged him to leave for Konigsberg immediately. Alfred bowed his head and made no answer. Later, he suddenly looked up. It was not love in his eyes, but the most painful doubt. Mina was taken aback. Mina, tell me, that night I went to my wife's bedroom to catch Monsieur de Lupel, did you know of his plan in advance? In short,ultrasonic handheld welder, are you complicit with him? "Yes," Mina answered affirmatively, "Madame de Larsay never thought of him. I think you belong to me, because I love you. I wrote both of the anonymous letters. "This is a despicable act." Alfred said coldly, "The fantasy is over.". I'm going to find my wife. I pity you. I don't love you anymore. His pride was hurt by the tone of his voice. He's gone. This is the fate that befalls great men. But they have their own way. Mina stood at the window and talked to herself. She followed her lover to the end of the street. After he disappeared, she went into his bedroom, put a pistol to her heart and shot herself. Was her life a false calculation? Her happiness lasted eight months. She is too enthusiastic to be satisfied with real life. www.xiaoshuotXtcoM Church of St. Francis of the Shore Small./Say. Txt Heaven (Translated by Li Xiong) Alister and Dolent had written about the subject, and Ellast wanted to try his hand. On September 30, an Italian chronicler wrote a detailed account of the love affair between a Roman princess and a Frenchman, which I translated. It happened in 2008, at the beginning of the last century. At that time, nepotism was very popular in Rome, and the bad habits that came from it were all over the city. The Holy See, ultrasonic molten metal ,ultrasonic dispersion machine, however, flourished as never before. Pope Benoa VIII (Orsini), or rather his nephew, Prince Campobasso, in his name, took charge of all the affairs of the country, large and small. Foreigners flocked to Rome from all directions. The princes of Italy and the nobles of Spain, still enriched by the gold of the New World, also came in droves. Whoever is rich and powerful is above the law. Whether native people or foreigners, they gather together, and what they want to do is to pursue romance and talk about ostentation. The Pope's two nieces, Countess Orsini and Princess Campobasso, shared the authority of their uncle and the honor of the papacy. Even at the top of society, their beauty makes them stand out. The Romans are fond of saying that Madame Orsini is happy and handsome, and Princess Campobasso is gentle and pious. But when she gets angry, this gentle woman will be furious. Every day, the two sisters-in-law went to the palace to see the Pope, met there, and often went to each other's house. On the surface, they seemed to have a harmonious relationship, but in fact they were competing everywhere: comparing appearance, reputation, and wealth. The Countess Orsini was a little less beautiful, but frivolous, lively, treacherous, and striking. She has some lovers. She can't take care of them. She changes them every day. It was her happiness to see two hundred guests sitting in her salon at her disposal. She despised Princess Campobasso. The princess had been in love with a Spanish Duke for three years, appearing and being seen everywhere, and finally an order was given that he should leave Rome within twenty-four hours or be executed. Madame Orsini said, "After he was driven away, my beautiful sister-in-law no longer had a happy face.". In recent months, she has been particularly tortured by boredom or love. And her husband, who was not stupid, described this boredom as a high degree of piety in the presence of the Pope's uncle. I expect this devotion will lead her to a pilgrimage to Spain. In fact, Princess Campobasso did not miss the Spaniard at all. For at least two years in the past, he had made her feel extremely empty and bored. If she really wanted him, she would have sent someone to look for him. She was born with this personality. Such people are not uncommon in Rome. Although she was just twenty-three years old, she often knelt down before her uncle out of fanatical piety and prayed for "the blessing of the Pope". We do not know the details of this "Blessing of the Pope," except that it forgives all but two or three of the most cruel sins, and does not even need to repent. The benevolent Pope Beloa VIII was moved to tears each time and said to her,ultrasonic cutting machine, "Rise up, good niece, you do not need my blessing.". You're better than me in the eyes of God. fycgsonic.com

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Stendhal's short stories