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Skeleton Soldier of the Other World Full txt Download مؤقت وظيفة

2022-10-26 03:09   السلامة والأمن   Dubai   78 الآراء المرجعي: 2554
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This is a small village, less than 500 meters of soul gap nourishes more than two thousand skeletons. On its side, there is a miniature white wood forest with less than 100 trees. It is this white wood forest that gives the skeletons of the whole village a chance to survive the cold winter two months earlier. But who knows, it is precisely because the white wood attracts bone hunters looking for kindling that finally destroys their whole village. Rick walked restlessly up and down in the snow, looking contemptuously at the bone-hunting novices who were making a fire in the distance. Howard was in a meditative position, but not yet in a meditative state. He said softly, "There are already more than sixty people. How can you meet so many bone hunters?" "Bah, a bone hunter who carries a piece of broken iron and rushes into the land of skeletons to die?" Rick bowed his head and spat. He was very contemptuous of the behavior of the rookies. Aisi took a sip of water and looked at the sunset in the west with pale red eyes, smiling and silent. You shoultrong bone, but are you sure about the riding bone?" "Riding bones, I can't catch up." Rick said in a deep voice, "It's OK to deal with the Golden Flower Warrior of the Empire, but it's a little difficult to deal with the Riding Bone. The mounts of those ghosts all run fast,portable gold wash plant, unless Howard fixes the other side first and uses that.." Inflammation what. "Bound by a fiery snake." Howard answered grumpily, "My magic is just a little more unexpected. Compared with the magicians of the Empire, it's still a little worse. It may be a little difficult to deal with the riding bones. But Aisi, you have already surpassed the existence of the Golden Flower Warrior. If the three of us join hands, it's not a problem to kill a few riding bones." "Well, it's no problem to ride the bones, but what about the bones?" Aisi smiled. The two teammates were stupefied. After half a ring, Howard said, "No, the bones can't be dealt with without the strength of the Great Warrior or the Great Magician. They have enough troops on the Skeleton Continent. With those abnormal group effects, we have no chance to win at all!" Rick patted his chest and said, gold CIP machine ,coltan ore processing, "Blue hair, you are timid. What are you afraid of? There must be a way for Aisi to say that, right?" Aisi drew a delicate arrow from the arrowd by great magicians or even magicians, contain bursting holy magic, which can cause fatal damage to skeletons. If they can hit the vital point, they can kier forces were found. Lu Yan's words were half. Lord Bernardi has decided to come here personally to supervise the construction of the city. Whether to assign you a new task will be decided by him." After saying that,small gold wash plant, the ape-shaped Riding Bone turned around and walked away. There were four Riding Bones with him. They had to plan how to build a temporary stronghold to protect the Soul Gap and the White Wood Forest first. The right to clean up the bone ants was also taken away, and the riders shamelessly learned the ice pit cleaning method invented by Lv Yan. One hundred strong bones and thousands of their war bones carried out cleaning activities in the white wood forest, wantonly absorbing the rotten soul of the bone ants. ore-magnetic-mining.com

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