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Shaolin Magic Pattern Master of the Other World Full-time Job

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Kong Wen: "I am used to strangling danger in the cradle!" Tiger: "What about the beauty?" Kong Wen: "Beauty, I usually like to strangle in bed!" " Tiger: "It is said that you are a lay disciple of Shaolin Temple?" Kong Wen: "Lay disciples don't avoid meat and fish." Tiger: "What do you want to say to the readers?" Kong Wen: "Well, I love beauty, but than the beauty, I love to click, recommend, collect, of course, the favorite is to subscribe!" " Chapter One The Castle Young Master In early summer, the mountains and plains are lush, and the air is filled with a kind of heat unique to this season. On the Canglan Continent, Mount Anji in the southeastern part of the province of Quebec in the Audro Empire, a towering stone gray castle stands like a watcher on the cliff. On an open martial arts field in the backyard of the stone-gray castle, it was also a hot scene at this time. In the martial arts arena, a large group of teenagers around the age of 14 or 15 were kicking and punching desperately around a little boy in the middle grade who was eight or nine years old. Puff ~ "Puff ~ ~" "Puff ~" …… The clashing of fists and feet rose and fell one after another, but the little boy with short black hair, who was surrounded in the middle, seemed to be all right, and not only that, there was a touch of enjoyment on his face. A little more strength, a little more strength, forget it, change the next group of people! After ten minutes of uninterrupted attacks, the 14- and 15-year-old boys, who were surrounded by the little boy in black training clothes in the middle, were already out of breath. After hearing the words of the little boy who was being beaten in the middle, a smile flashed across his face and his hands and feet hobbled back. Another group of five teenagers on the periphery quickly stepped forward, stood in the position of the five companions in the previous group, and hit the shoulder,Iron Nail Making Machine, chest and abdomen of the little boy in the middle, who was only as tall as their shoulders. In this way, a circle of tired for the next circle, so repeated several times, until the dozen or so teenagers standing on the periphery one by one exhausted, lying on the ground breathing heavily, the little boy standing in the center of eight or nine years old yawned, flicked the dust on his body, and said to those 14 or 15 years old teenagers sitting on the ground, their faces full of surprise and fear: "That's all for today. You all go back and have a good rest. We'll continue tomorrow. Of course, if anyone can't stand it, he can't come!" The teenagers sitting on the ground feebly answered, but their eyes were full of firmness, fifty silver coins a month, and they only needed to beat three little city lords every day, Nail Making Machine price ,Automatic nail machine, so easy to work, but they were envied by their companions who had not been elected for a long time, and with the help of the fifty silver coins, the food at home was obviously improved, at least. You can eat meat at home every three or five times! Waving goodbye to the 14- or 15-year-old boys who were still sitting on the ground gasping for breath, the little boy in black training clothes, accompanied by an old servant with a bent figure and gray hair, walked towards the towering tower in the middle of the castle. Third young master, what are you doing every day? Your body is precious, how can you let the children of those servants. "Oh, those children really have no rules. How can they attack you?" The old servant who followed the little boy was garrulous all the way, so that the little boy in front of him shrugged his shoulders helplessly and said: "Grandpa James, as I said, it's just a game, and I'm not hurt, am I?" "But." "By the way, Grandpa James, I'd like to have a Deffell steak tonight. Tell the kitchen!" "At your service, my little master!" Hearing the little boy's request, the old servant's face flashed a touch of almost stubborn seriousness, reached out and stroked his chest, bowed to the little boy, and walked in the other direction. This has happened almost every day in the last three months. James, the old housekeeper, seems to have amnesia. He talks tirelessly every day, and the little boy comes up with some ideas to keep his ears clean every time. Climbing six flights up the spiral corridor, the little boy crossed the corridor and entered an open platform in the tower. The horizon is a burningmemory, he mastered the language of the world in only half a month. He learned his environment from the maids who served him. His name was Constantine, the third son of an upstart. It is said that Phillips,Nail Making Machine manufacturers, the father of this generation, was a rich merchant. He spent hundreds of thousands of gold coins to buy the castle in Anji Mountain from a down-and-out nobleman. Therefore, the atmosphere in the castle named Chambord has lost the rigidity and dignity of those nobles. Relaxation and freedom have become the main theme of the castle for more than ten years. 3shardware.com

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