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On the wings of youth وقت كامل وظيفة

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"Oh, boss Wang, finally wait for you, a busy man!" Lesser Snow pushed the door and crawled over, indignant in her heart. She was clearly called "Wang Wang" because she came to learn from the dog! Excuse me, you are old, and the purpose of this visit is. "Miss Deng, I'm only 27 this year. Am I very old?" The man in a silver-white suit sat behind his desk, glancing at her as he spoke, and continued to concentrate on his work. Dogs look down on people! Lesser Snow gave a loud peep and looked up again. Her eyes were already shining, as if she had seen a piece of delicious steak. She licked her lips and smashed it twice. She said obsequiously, "Hey, I'm really clumsy. I wonder if it's the younger generation who is in charge of such a big company."? As soon as I saw it, I was so surprised that I thought how to maintain it younger than me. It turned out to be a young hero. Little silver baby (now because the silver suit is called little lewd baby by Xiaoxue?) Finally, she looked up again, with an expressionless face. "If Miss Deng likes to go shopping on Fifth Avenue or is familiar with every street sign on Wall Street, she can go on." With a slight smile, the word "belly black" was printed on his head. Lesser Snow smiled ingratiatingly: "Time is money, money.". The plan of cooperation with your company has been sorted out. In fact,ceramic welding tape, if your company invests 10% more, we can give more discounts.. Speaking of Xiaoxue, her mouth was dry, her veins burst out, and the image of a beautiful and lovely lady was destroyed, but the silver baby had no reaction. Just as Lesser Snow wanted to check whether the baby had stuffed cotton in his ears, the little silver baby gave an arrogant and contemptuous "sniff" and threw the documents to Lesser Snow,Ceramic Band Heater, clattering and spilling all over the table. I said, I can't accept this price, at least another 1% increase. With a smiling face, Lesser Snow said in embarrassment: "This is already the highest price we can give. Otherwise, we can't make money at Deng's real estate at all. How can we all have a cup of soup to do business?" Ignoring her words, Wang Wang did not give in and played the cold to the extreme. It seems that Miss Deng took the initiative to cooperate with our company. The implication is that she asks for help and bargains. Lesser Snow was stupefied, and her anger immediately came up. Sure enough can not absorb too much heat, there will be a moment to release! "Shit!" Lesser Snow pounded the table and stood up with an ugly face. I don't know if it was caused by the pain of pounding the table. Yinwa was obviously frightened by the sudden explosive force of Xiaoxue. He watched in amazement as the man standing in front threw A4 paper in his face and forgot to hide. What the *** are you pulling! Granny is fierce and wordy. Sign or not?! Wang Wang told himself that he was definitely not bowing to power! In his place, you need to listen to her. Just, how can she be careful to shake a few times when she holds the tip of the felt-tip pen on her right hand akimbo and her left hand to him? What despises oneself is, he is pulling the trill that has technical difficulty extremely to say actually: "Good..." Lesser Snow half narrowed her eyes with satisfaction, showing a gentle expression like a Persian cat. What a masochistic silver baby! Seemingly thinking of something, Lesser Snow opened her eyes wide and looked up and down at the silver baby, which made her heart shake a few more times. Small white face, steatite c221 ,Alumina Ceramic C795, gentle and good, this is a gentle character but the performance of coyness to the extreme, really. Xiao Shou! "You know Bing Shiyun very well?" Looking at Lesser Snow excitedly, Wang Wang hurriedly shrank back, thinking about what ideas were brewing in his rolling eyes, and then said lightly: "Male friends." The eyes with YY suddenly flashed, "Boyfriend!" Wang Wang's face was covered with black lines. This woman was so capable of misinterpreting that she didn't know what she was excited about. Oh, why emphasize'sex '. See her smile so ambiguous, Wang Wang eye corner twitch more than, this person is really Bing Shiyun's fiancee? Wang Wang did not feel liberated until she had signed the contract with her eyes and some kind of implicit smile until she disappeared behind the elevator door! After a while, the phone call from an acquaintance came after him. Wang Wang reluctantly picked it up. As expected, he heard the voice of the Yin test. I thought I told you to hold her off. ” "Yun, I really want to know why you keep people here. Don't you have confidence in your rival over there?" The man who could not afford to offend was a little too mean, but he could not resist his own damned curiosity. Hum "someone cold hum, show as disdain," rival in love? Kidding! I just want to punish her, and this is just the beginning. Wang Wang smiled disapprovingly, when he heard someone's insidious words, "and you, actually against me?"? This year's dividend is six for me and four for you! There was a moment of fear when I warned him, and then I became fearless. Allow, then I really don't want money, "a very expectant tone," I want to know if I tell Miss Deng that you do bad things, I don't know how she will react.. " "I think you will die a terrible death!" There was a hint of anger in someone's grim tone. Hum, two strange guys. Wang Wang shook his head and hung up the phone. Thinking of seeing them soon, Lesser Snow was very happy; but a guy sitting next to her made her very unhappy, for Mao's emotions were so entangled!!! Pretend to sleep is also difficult to calm the mood now, simply open your eyes, search the shadow of the stewardess, see what can be eaten, such as iced milk tea. Bing Shiyun felt the wandering eyes next to him, closed the annual economic report and said lightly: "I will fly to India next week, and next year's investment direction will shift to these populous Central and South Asia regions." Apart from staring, Lesser Snow did not know how to express her anger. Can only stay in Dijing for a week? Fortunately, she also wanted to go back and comfort Xixi and Shaoxuan, at least to help something. What's the matter? Do you have an opinion? “……” Ask knowingly! "Of course, I don't mind if you find a better partner in China. You know, flying around like this, my jet lag often can't be adjusted.." Shiyun rubbed his temples helplessly, as if complaining about such frequent business trips. ……” A thief crying "stop thief!"! "Really, if you have any good suggestions to say, I am very open-minded!" Lesser Snow simply took out the newspaper no longer pay attention to him,ceramic bobbin heater core, who let himself now become a minority shareholder, for his father to fight half a lifetime of Jiangshan, can only swallow their pride. global-ceramics.com  

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On the wings of youth