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Not I Qingcheng: Wang Ye wants to divorce the imperial concubine Temporary Job

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Raised his eyebrows and fell in love with the prince He wanted to get together with him secretly but there was no place to get together except the felt bag However it was very inconvenient to meet him in the felt bag He invited the prince to his own place for fear of being gossiped about The prince was heavily guarded there He wanted to say something about himself and do something intimate Under the power he stole his mother's antidote and asked the prince to go upstairs It happened that Cao Zhaonan followed Qiao Zhenning to inspect the rectification of military affairs in the north more than ten miles away and there was no restraint The prince seemed to be interested so he went with Qiao Mei But the antidote didn't work Inside the building two people are talking to each other the prince suddenly fainted Raising her eyebrows she suddenly felt that her heart and chest were stuffy and her life was at stake In her panic she ran back ———————————————— Thanks for reading Dear see you tomorrow 057 Be His Woman (5) The imperial concubine was also surprised and said "Meier did you take the antidote from the box where I usually put the medicine I raised a new poison in the building The poison released a strong poison gas The old antidote was not enough to resist the poison I prepared a new antidote in the pharmacy Just now you can resist the poison Electrical Equipment & Supplies gas because I gave you a precious medicine that can resist many kinds of poisons when you two sisters were young" I'm afraid the prince is doomed at this time Raise eyebrows a shock cry for the imperial concubine to save him said her prince we can not save! Poisonous gas attacks the heart unless his internal force is extremely strong or the body also has the element of anti-poison otherwise there is no chance of survival "Just imagine we go to save him if people found out saved is still good if not saved to pursue the prince is because you died do you know what the consequences" You will surely die even bring disaster to the whole family! Do you think the emperor of Dongling will let us go If the prince himself died by mistake we still have a glimmer of life! The beauty was so frightened that she suddenly knelt down and begged the imperial concubine to save the prince Beauty also dare not stay hurried back to tell her and Miluo She was surprised and worried However the imperial concubine was right Moreover it was useless to go to Qiao Zhenning for this matter It was related to the fortune of the whole clan Qiao Zhenning would not save her If she told Cao Zhaonan or the warriors of the Eastern Tombs she would be punished in the north Besides the two of them are not here at this time Miluo is also frightened that anxiety seems to be no less than her She quickly restrained her mind thought about it and asked the beauty how her attitude was at that time The beauty said that she seemed to want to save people but the imperial concubine sent Duma to guard her and never let her go out She made a slight fuss and removed the felt bag that raised her eyebrows Duma was ordered by the imperial concubine not to let her go in and out After all she sold her a favor as if she hadn't seen her Coming out of the small felt bag with raised eyebrows she congealed the starlight on the top of her eyes stroked the human skin mask on her face raised eyebrows and abdomen several times and went to the building Raised eyebrows just made a deal with her Like Qiaorong Qiaomei also fell in love with the handsome and luxurious prince of Dongling She wanted to rescue him but she was also worried about getting into trouble There were not many new antidotes in Qiaomei's hands so he gave her only two and at the same time let her take other poisons and gave her the human skin mask that Qiaorong had used The leader knows exactly what these things are for Yi Rong Cheng Qiaomei If you can save him tell the prince that it was Qiaorong who made him enter the building and Qiaomei saved him If you can't save him the prince died because he entered the building by mistake China Manufacturers If she breaks the agreement she will die if she is not given the antidote The building is very big with colorful buildings and painted pillars On the painting Heaven and Man are playing Xiao Guan playing music and dancing wearing clothes and immortal music fluttering Thick splashes of color the frames of flying apsaras really beautiful Unfortunately the more beautiful things the more poisonous She was looking for him in the corridor on the third floor but she did not expect him to be able to support himself out of the room Dressed in a dark blue robe he leaned on the railing and half squinted at her with a half-smile The slightly muddy eyes ripple with a touch of evil charm forming a strong contrast with the beautiful and clear heaven and man But she knew that he could hardly hold out His eyebrows were black and his lips were blue Watching her running anxiously toward him he chuckled "Aren't you gone" Why did you come back With deep sarcasm in his eyes This is the first time after saying goodbye to "Qin Ge" but what can she say nothing! He said lightly "It wasn't me just now it was my sister's transfiguration" and then he didn't speak again She took off the small purse on her waist and poured out the pill-there was one and a half left Qiaomei only gave her two pills she was afraid that he was deeply poisoned she did not dare to eat enough of one when she came to eat half leaving half She handed him the whole pill but he stared at half the pill in her palm with interest "What about this one" Don't you give it to me She suddenly remembered Qin Ge and said coldly "I only have Home Appliances two pills and this half is mine" He seemed stunned picked up the corner of his lips took the pill and swallowed it She helped him up Late to take medicine he only walked a few steps has been unable to support suddenly fell on her shoulder Although he was a teenager his stature had grown up and she was heavily pressed frightened and anxious He dragged him a few steps but suddenly felt his heart beating and his chest stuffy She knew that she was beginning to be unable to support herself She was about to take the medicine hesitated for a moment and finally put the remaining half of the pill to his mouth His face changed slightly and he was about to say something when he fainted She gritted her teeth and pried open his closed lips with medicine 058 Be His Woman (6) When she reached the second floor her heart cramped and she could no longer support herself She stepped on an empty foot and fell down the high stairs with him When she landed her head hit the ground her head was broken and bleeding his hands and feet hit the corner of the ladder heavily rolled several feet his legs were pierced by the small fish plow in the corner and his robe was bloody It was a small plough used by the imperial concubine to poke up the poison She felt a pain in her heart her eyes were dark and she could not stand up She clenched her teeth and climbed to his side to push him Get up We can't stay here long Get up "Wake up" "You're going to sleep at home" "Shangguan Jinghao your father calls you home for dinner" Jin she can not get up can only keep saying I do not know how long to say his throat oozes a faint salty smell his eyelids move slightly open his eyes Seeing her appearance he slowly locked his eyebrows She breathed a sigh of relief only to realize that she could not even move her fingers and she pouted at the door trade-global.com

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Not I Qingcheng: Wang Ye wants to divorce the imperial concubine