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I cultivate immortals in the entertainment circle. مؤقت وظيفة

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But now I see him alive and kicking, yawning, and full of energy. It shouldn't be a big problem. Seeing the two men coming, Mo Ran nodded to them. Lin Rui took out two bottles of elixir, one for Bai Yixiao and one for Mo Ran. She said, "You are all wounded, and these pills are good for your health." "Thank you, Lin Shizu!" The two men spoke in unison. After Bai Yixiao finished speaking, he looked longingly at Yunze, as if waiting for Yunze to give them something. Chapter 1164 my Aze finally got married. Yunze smiled and said, "I don't have any elixir." Although he repaired to restore, but before the treasure Sumi ring, those have disappeared without a trace. There was one thing left in Qibao's space before. Cough, to put it simply, that is, Yunze is now a pauper, not even the lowest elixir. Bai Yixiao wants to be angry. Yunze opened his mouth first, "I can hear your hearts." White smile:!!!! He immediately cracked his mouth, showing a mouthful of white teeth, and the smile at the corners of his mouth became three-dimensional. He said, "There is no such thing. How can I ask Shizu Gong for something? I am such an ignorant person." Mo Ran can hardly see. He asked, "that Qingqiu." "He is no longer in this world." Yunze said. Mo ran breathed a sigh of relief. It has to be said that in the past few years, their non-special group has been tormented by Qingqiu and that magic object. Now the magic objects can not be cultivated, and then Qingqiu is completely grey, which is a great good thing for them. Because he had to go back to heal his wounds, Yunze asked them to help prepare the program before, so he had to give up first. But Lin Rui said to them, "another day, we will turn the door to entertain the people of Daomen, and then we will get together again." "Yes." After the two men left, Lin Rui and Yun Ze returned to their relatives in the lobby, and no one knew that they had just left. Getting married is a very tiring thing. Fortunately, Lin Rui and Yun Ze basically have someone to do most of the things, they do not have to do it themselves. That's why they were in the middle,fake ficus tree, and they found time to go out and fight. When they dispersed in the evening, they sent all the guests, while Lin Rui and Yun Ze were mainly responsible for sending the Lin family to the hotel. And send Mr. Yun back to the old house. Tonight, Mr. Yun was very happy and drank a little too much. When he returned to the old house, he was still singing French songs. It's a Huangmei opera. I don't know how the old man sang it. Zhao Qin hurriedly helped him back to his room. The old man burped and said, "Xiao Qin, I'm really happy today." "Yes, yes." "My Aze finally got married," the old man sniffed, very excited, "I was worried that he would hit the inside of his hand." After hearing this, Zhao Qin was even more dumbfounded. Master Yunze is so good. Why did you smash it in your hand. Oh, no. Master Yunze is a man. As a result, the old man burped again, and his voice was very low. "When I heard that man say that Aze would not live to be twenty-five years old, I, I cried all night secretly." Zhao Qin is also a little sad, he hurriedly said, large ficus tree ,faux ficus tree, "Sir, you don't worry, the young master's health has been good, and he married a wife, maybe after a period of time, you will have a great grandson." "Yes, great grandson!"! I love my great grandson! The drunken old man Yun was soon happy again, and then added, "Big granddaughter loves it too!" In a word, after three hours of tossing and turning, Zhao Qin finally appeased the old man. And here Luo Huacheng also drank some wine, not drunk, but let his whole person momentum become a little dangerous. At this time, Ye Chuan and Jiang Yue, who were sitting opposite him, were a little perturbed. Because Luo Ge, who has drunk too much wine, looks at people with straight eyes!!! Ye Chuan had long been frightened and restless. Jiang Yue over there is not much better, she was very respectful of Luo Huacheng, but the other side is her immediate superior, now all the brokers of cloud entertainment, are under the management of Luo Huacheng. If there is no way, she does not want to sit here, with Luo Huacheng scary eyes ah. However, for the sake of small leaves, Jiang Yue can only throw caution to the wind! Chapter 1165 YES, OR NO? With the greatest courage in his life, Jiang Yue said to Luo Huacheng, "Brother Luo, why did you give the bouquet to Xiaoye at the wedding before?" Luo Huacheng knew that the other side was very afraid of himself, after all, when he said this sentence, his voice was a little trembling. But it came out, and in the most straightforward way. It can be said that Ye Chuan's agent is very conscientious and very good to Ye Chuan. Luo Huacheng raised his eyelids lazily, his face was not as white as usual, even if he was not drunk, after all, he had drunk. He said, "I want to give it to her." Ye Chu an listens to the ear root to burn, she obviously has not drunk, but feels a little drunk now. She clenched her bridesmaid's skirt. Jiang Yue continued to ask bravely, "Why do you want to give it to her?" "Do you want to know the direction of public relations?" Luo Huacheng knows that now that the wedding is over, the Internet should be full of Aze's wedding. Of course, the clip of him sending flowers may also have a place. Jiang Yue can hold back until now to ask the truth, it is not easy. After listening to Luo Huacheng's words, Jiang Yue nodded stiffly. Luo Huacheng turned his head and looked at the embarrassed Ye Chuan and said, "The direction of public relations is not me, but Xiao An." He turned around and said, "Jiang Yue, give me a few minutes with Xiao An, and I'll talk to her alone." Jiang Yue's face changed. Even if only a few minutes, she did not dare to immediately agree, so immediately turned to look at Ye Chuan. The little girl is already confused. Seeing the reaction of these two people, Luo Huacheng sneered, "Why,artificial grass panels, are you still worried that I will eat people?" Jiang Yue thought, not to mention, I am really afraid of this! Even if it's just for a few minutes. hacartificialtree.com

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I cultivate immortals in the entertainment circle.