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Forty thousand years of cultivation Contract Job

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Mochizuki sent out a strong wave of brain waves toward the top of the ice valley. Unfortunately, she is not a Pangu clan who is good at large-scale and long-distance spiritual communication, but a female clan who is good at gene modulation. Although she practices hard, her ability in brain wave transmission is not much stronger than that of the top human practitioners. Before her brain waves had been transmitted a few hundred meters, she was torn to pieces by the wind howling in the ice valley, and was doomed not to be heard from above. Seeing that the ice walls on both sides appeared a series of shocking chaps, as if billions of tons of ice rock were about to collapse and collapse, Mochizuki could not sit still, gritted his teeth and climbed up by himself. She is a simple researcher, but she is not "powerless". The snake tail of the female clan is not suitable for climbing the smooth ice wall like a mirror, but she carries many auxiliary magic weapons with her, which can help her rise slowly. The closer to the ground, the more the thunderous roar stirred the soul. Mochizuki felt that every bone and cell of his body was "clattering", but it was not like a fierce battle outside. I really didn't know what Li Yao was doing. When she finally rose to the ground, Li Yao just finished her latest "masterpiece". Rao Mochizuki followed countless experts and scholars in the ancient ruins and saw countless incredible magic weapons for billions of years, but the huge object presented in front of her still made her gasp and surprised. Of course, it's not because of how powerful and magnificent this giant is-as a person in Asgard,coltan ore processing, she lives with the remains of hundreds of civilizations day and night, and she has seen the mighty and magnificent war machines and steel gods and demons. She's just never seen — "What is this, so ugly?" Mochizuki blurted out. Chapter 3086 the ultimate battle, the super suit! It was the remains of dozens of war machines that appeared in front of the girls. Li Yao seems to have excavated the debris buried under volcanic ash and ice rocks within a radius of dozens of miles, ranging from a dozen or twenty meters high six-legged spider form to a multi-turret combat puppet, to an unmanned anti-gravity floating dish of forty or fifty meters high, to a huge object of more than one hundred meters high like a star fighter,sodium cyanide price, from a thousand holes and rusty debris. Many intact units, components and weapon systems have been collected. The dismembered remains of the war machine, like empty skeletons, piled up like mountains. Behind them, where the "Sun Catastrophe" should have stood, stood a huge war machine from rough to ugly, ferocious to evil. This brand-new war machine, about fifty or sixty meters high, seems to be more brutal than the star fighters hundreds of meters high. Because Li Yao exaggerates the attack system of dozens of war machines on his body, making it look like a black tower with a battery stacked on top of it-a honeycomb launcher bigger than his head on both shoulders, two super-giant triple Vulcan cannons hanging on the top of the honeycomb launcher, and a circle of dense crystal magnetic cannons around his arms. Chest and abdomen are two high-energy particle destruction cannons, manganese beneficiation plant ,gold heap leaching, one big and one small, behind which is a high integrated firepower platform, one breath tied up dozens of giant cannons dismantled from the body of the war machine, as well as the continuous combat supply cabin for the giant cannons to provide energy and ammunition, as for the micro-floating cannons attached to the external armor, which can fly out at any time. Li Yaodu was forced into a six-barrel rotary bombardment gun with a diameter of more than two meters. It is worth mentioning that many weapons are directly removed from the hundreds of meters high star fighters, installed in the height of up to thirty or forty meters of giant soldiers, it is a bit "small horse cart", top-heavy feeling. However, it is this kind of exaggerated to the crazy feeling, to this war machine has added a bit of fierce not afraid of death, such as crazy demon, bloody battle to the end of the momentum. Mochizuki stared at it for a long time before he could see the background of the "Solar Catastrophe" from the twisted armor, tactical guide rail and external weapon platform of the black. The super giant soldier, which was barely mighty and gorgeous, was completely "submerged" by various long-range weapons, like a steel gorilla covered with black spots and rust. The combination of hundreds of crystal magnetic cannons and bombardment cannons and particle cannons, destruction cannons, and floating cannons alone did not seem to satisfy Li Yao's insatiable appetite. After completing the strengthening of the main body of the giant God soldier, he pouted his buttocks, climbed up and down, and connected several close combat weapons used by the star fighters together. A high-frequency oscillating sword with a length of more than 50 meters and two chainsaw swords with a length of more than 40 meters both have the ability to cut off the starship, but they are combined by Li Yao in a crazy way. When a knife sweeps through them, the target will be attacked by three extremely powerful strange forces at the same time. Even if it is the strongest of the prehistoric civilization, it will be cut into seventeilization, there is something called" enhanced suit ", so I disassembled the components and units that can still be used in the wreckage of so many war machines and combined them into a set.. The ultimate enhanced suit. No, not one. In fact, there are two different enhanced suits, one for long-range fire and the other for close combat. Just more than an hour, in such a harsh environment,gold shaking table, facing the magic weapon unit that I am not familiar with, I can't help but admire myself for being able to complete such an outstanding and powerful masterpiece. "But-" Mochizuki said hesitantly, "Is it necessary to carry so many turrets even if we want to strengthen the giant soldiers?" "You don't understand that." ore-magnetic-mining.com

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Forty thousand years of cultivation