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Farmer's Little Girl (Reborn Pure Field Warm and Sweet Pet) عقد وظيفة

2022-10-26 03:04   خدمة عامة   Dubai   68 الآراء المرجعي: 2547
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Nowadays, people who give birth to children are looking forward to their sons. If they give birth to a daughter, I'm afraid their hard-earned money will be greatly discounted. Just as she was thinking about it, she suddenly felt heavy in her arms and saw a small silver spindle lying in her arms. It was about five taels. The midwife had not seen the silver spindle yet and thought it was fake. She immediately picked it up and stuffed it into her mouth. After biting it, she was sure that it was true. She was so happy that she could not see her teeth. Where's the baby? When Lu Minghai heard that his daughter had given birth to a daughter, he laughed so hard that his teeth came out. There are a lot of boys in his family, and it's really not unusual to have boys. It's inside, packing up. Because she gave birth to a daughter, the midwife did not take her out immediately. If I had known the family was so generous, I would have taken it out. Maybe the hard-earned money would have doubled. Before he had finished speaking, Zhou Jin squeezed in, and the midwife didn't even stop. Lu Jiaoyue was lying on the Kang with a tired face. Mei Shi was busy wrapping up the child, while Mrs. Cheng was cleaning up the mess in the house. She was about to ask her mother to hold the baby for her to see, when a big black face squeezed in front of her. Zhou Jinren is black and thin. Moon, are you all right? Does it still hurt? Lu Jiaoyue answered the wrong question: "Why did you just come back?" Zhou Jin's face was perturbed. "There was a delay on the way. I rushed back as soon as I got off the boat. I didn't even say hello to your little uncle." "Are you all right on the way?" "Everything is going well." "That's good. I'm sleepy. Let me sleep for a while. I'll see the baby when I wake up." The voice has not yet fallen, the person fell asleep, obviously very tired. Zhou Jin wanted to touch her face, and then,Cantilever Storage rack, thinking that he was travel-stained, he withdrew his hand. Mei Shi walked over, "let her sleep, don't call her, from the middle of the night began to toss, to the end people are in a trance, fortunately still smooth." Zhou Jin stood up at a loss,warehouse rack manufacturer, "Niang, I came back late." "Come back, the moon has been thinking of you, otherwise it would not have started so early.". Don't look at her smiling in my face, in fact, I know she is thinking, although she did not give you a son this time, but you have to remember her hard work. Although Mei spoke with a straight face, in fact, she was worried at the moment, and did not know whether her son-in-law would dislike her daughter for giving birth to a son, so she started with the hardship and hardship of Lu Jiaoyue. My daughter is good. I like my daughter. Zhou Jin carefully took his daughter over. There was a red man in the red swaddling clothes. His little face was not as big as his palm. His hair was very thick. The skin on his face was so tender that he dared not breathe loudly for fear of being blown out. His eyes were closed and his mouth moved from time to time. Zhou Jin felt his heart melt at once. This is his own daughter, the daughter of him and Jiao Yue! Nose a little sour, Steel racking system ,Pallet rack supplier, feeling a strange liquid gathering in the eyes, Zhou Jin closed his eyes tightly, took a deep breath, immediately opened oil and big meat now. Eat first to nourish your stomach, and then make up for it when the milk comes down. Lu Jiaoyue, who was already hungry, took the bowl of porridge an that his mother-in-law would accidentally breghter will suffer less. With these words, Mei helped her daughter adjust her posture and put the baby in her arms. So after Mei Shi left, Lu Jiaoyue opened her clothes to reveal a snow-white, lying on her side to let the baby suck. And the new father squatted aside and watched,Warehouse storage racks, not tired at all. Lu Jiaoyue felt a little embarrassed and couldn't help pulling her clothes and covering her chest. But he was pulled away by Zhou Jin, "Don't cover our children." Lu Jiaoyue thought about it and let him. The two of them kept this posture silently, and the only thing that was moving was the little mouth as big as the little baby's fingertips. I don't think my daughter is strong enough. I guess she can't suck it out. Why don't I do it? omracking.com

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