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Demon king through the ages وقت كامل وظيفة

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"Magic Roar!" Gao Feng heart dark shout, only he knows, the magic roar has already been destroyed, simply did not fall into the hands of the magic people. He is just a man with a demon whistle. So he was not worried about the birth of the Demon King in the Demon Sect. If his guess is right, there must be another reason for the movement of the Demon Sect. Feng Dongting walked back and forth in the room, looking at the surprised expressions of the three disciples, and continued: "In the action organized by Shenxiao Daozong, all the factions must have sent Jingrui disciples to go, so before the action of suppressing demons, he held a meeting of the disciples of all factions to discuss martial arts.". All the sects invited in the meeting will have Jing Rui disciples to participate in the competition, and then the top ten masters from the final competition will lead the young disciples of each sect to suppress demons together. "Top Ten!" Jiang Zhi nodded, this time it was Shenxiao Daozong, which must have gathered all the large and medium-sized sects in the realm of cultivation. With so many sects coming together, who will lead? There must be no need to lead the strong people in the realm of Royal Sword. Their number is small, and they all have enough strength to deal with unexpected situations. But the young disciple is not the same, although each faction is to pick out Jing Ying to go, but this number is also astonishing. The young disciples are all in full bloom, and no one is willing to obey anyone, so it is easy to cause confusion. But if it is after the competition, it will be different. To be the last ten young masters, it must have convincing strength. Who would have an opinion about such a leader? "Master, you are asking the three of us to go to Shenxiao Daozong." Yun Menghan asked. The cultivation of the three of you is a master among your peers. Feng Dongting said with a smile, when he said the word "master", he also took a special look at Gao Feng. Chapter 150 reputation. This time the sect decided to send ten young disciples. I have decided to let the three of you go, and the other seven will go by the disciples of the other elders. Feng Dongting smiled faintly and said. Yes,MBR reactor, Master. Jiang Zhi three people nodded together. Yes! Feng Dongting smiled with relief. Although he had few disciples, three of them were so sharp, which made him feel full. Lao Ba, Jiang Zhi. Feng Dongting looked at the two of them solemnly, and then said in a Consultative tone, "I'm going to let you two take part in the competition of young disciples." The reason why he did not let Yun Menghan participate is that although her strength is a master among her peers, it is more difficult for her to stand out from the crowd. Take part in the competition? Gao Feng opened his mouth and said that he didn't have much interest in the leader. Yes! Feng Dongting nodded, sighed, and said, "Although this sect is one of the largest sects in the eastern periphery, for the big sects in the Central Plains, we can only be regarded as the middle and upper sects." "What does the master mean?" Gao Feng faintly guessed that Feng Dongting was not as simple as letting them fight for the leader. This time, multi disc screw press ,fine bubble diffuser, all the slightly famous sects in the world have arrived, so if a young disciple of this sect can become one of the top ten masters, then our sect's fame will rise greatly, and its status in the realm of cultivation will also rise. So I want you to try it. Feng Dongting stared at the two of them and said. Gao Feng Jiang Zhi nodded with relief, can become one of the top ten masters, it will undoubtedly get the attention of all sects, and the sect behind him will naturally not be ignored. If a disciple of Jingming Sect can become one of the top ten masters, it will attract the attention of many schools. Feng Dongting stayed in Jingmingzong all his life, and he still attached great importance to the reputation of the sect. Master, we will do our best. Gao Feng opened his mouth and said that if he had the chance to make Jingmingzong's reputation soar, of course he would not refuse. Feng Dongting nodded with relief and said, "Well, then you can get ready and set out in five days." In the small courtyard, a few pine trees swayed with the wind, and a cluster of wild flowers in the corner competed with each other. What? Big Brother, are you going down the mountain again? He Lei looked at Jiang Zhi and Gao Feng with envy. Yes, big brother, why do you go down the mountain every time? Gao Feng's sixth brother Su Jie opened his mouth sadly. They stayed in Jingming Zong all the year round and were very curious about the outside world. Jiang Zhi shook his head helplessly and said, "Do you think we are going to play?"? We are going to fight with the Demon Sect. If you want to go down the mountain, you should practice well. Otherwise, if one day you are against the people of the Demon Sect, you will still have a life. "Alas!"! Big Brother, you know our talent. If we want to reach your strength, don't you know how long it will take? It seems that I have no choice but to stay on the mountain. He Lei looked up to the sky and sighed. Elder Martial Brother, I heard that all the large and medium sects will go to Shenxiao Taoist Sect this time. It must be very lively then. Su Jie said with a look of anticipation. You are so hot. Younger Martial Brother and I are going to work hard, not to watch the fun. Jiang Zhi laughed and scolded. Then he turned to Gao Feng and said, "Younger Martial Brother, you have gathered all the young masters in the world this time. When the time comes, you will certainly become the focus of attention." When Gao Feng heard this, she shook her head and smiled. "Don't make fun of me, Elder Martial Brother," she said. There are countless young heroes in the world, and I'm afraid I can't be one of the top ten. Although he said so, he had some expectations for the conference. Now I have reached the second peak of the magic roar, and with the cultivation of the fifth level, I should be able to help my master win the top ten. Gao Feng thought to herself. I can't be careless either. This is not a comparison with Xingyue Gate. This is all the young disciples in the world. There is absolutely no lack of masters among them. Although Gao Feng's strength has advanced a lot, he dares not be careless. Younger Martial Brother, why do you have so little confidence? He Lei came over and put his arm around his shoulder and said, "Elder Martial Brother, I dare not say.". But I believe you will be one of the top ten. Five days passed in a flash. Early in the morning, when the dew dripped down from the grass,fine bubble diffuser, Gao Feng's door opened. Today he is wearing a blue Taoist robe of Jingming Zong, and on his back is a blue sword. At first glance, it really has the posture of a true practitioner. khnwatertreatment.com  

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Demon king through the ages