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Comparison table of Luban ruler and auspicious فترة تدريب وظيفة

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Original title: Luban Chi Ji Number Comparison Table, Luban Chi Ji Number Query Luban Chi Ji Number Query Commonly used lucky nu it is widely used in ancient architecture. The ancient Luban ruler is 46.08 cm long, while the modern Luban ruler has two lengths, 42.9 cm and 50.4 cm. But relatively speaking,bespoken tape measure, when modern people carry out architectural design and interior decoration, because they are more casual, few people use the auspicious size of white ruler and Luban ruler to measure and layout. Tharacters to distinguish the meaning of good or bad luck. The best size of the entrance door of the Luban ruler is: Yingfu,garment measuring tape, Windfall, Caizhi and Daji. Measuring method of Luban ruler: Measure the inner diameter of the door: measure the left and righnly to verify whether the planed boards, square materials and structures are perpendicular to each other and the edges are at rigd the centimeter. When making or purchasing mahogany furniture, when measuring with Luban ruler, try to choose the size of auspicious. In fact, personalized tape measure ,seamstress measuring tape, this "Luban ruler" is not a "ruler", but a comparison table. 1 Luban foot = 1.368 square feet =eaking, the height of modern doors is not more than 283cm. For common houses, the width of the door (that is, the horizontal distance between the inner wall of the door frame, excluding the thickness of the door frame) is 108 cm, and the height is about 212 cm,mini tape measure, while the width of the room door is 81 cm, and the height is 198 cm. Such a scale is suitable for all. Conclusion: Although Luban ruler has certain guiding significance in geomantic omen, it can only be used as an auxiliary tool. We should pay more attention to its measuring function. Return to Sohu to see more Responsible Editor:. tape-measure.com

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Luban ruler and auspicious number query