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Characteristics of Nitinol Wire and Its Clinical Contract Job

2022-10-26 02:46   Engineering     193 views Reference: 2530
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Original Title: Characteristics of Nitinol Wire and Its Clinical Application in Orthodontics Nitinol is widely used in the field of orthodontics because of its superior superelasticity, shape memory function, corrosion resistance, asereforhanical behavior from ordinary materials, its elastic limit is far greater than that of ordinary materials, and it no longer obeys Hooke's law. In contrast to shape memory properties, superelasticity is not thermally involved. In a word,titanium plate gr7, hyperelasticity means that the stress does not increase with the increase of strain within a certain range of deformation, and the clinical manifestation is that the orthodontso called phase transformation pseudoelasticity. The phase transformationn accelerate the movement of teeth, because the temperature change in the oral cavity will stimulate the blood flow in the blood stasis area caused by the capillary stagnation caused by the orthodontic device,nickel titanium wire, so that the repair cells can be fully nourished during the movement of teeth to maintain their vitality and normal function. On the other hand,  4. Corrosion resistanchave martensitic state caused by temperature when placed inside or outside the mouth. Martensitic state could only be caused by stress, nickel titanium wire ,titanium round bar, and had superelasticity, but did not have shape memory function. The archwire has excellent resilience and low stiffneserature, it exists in a multi-componk is often used to improve tum archwire is a continuous archwire, and there is no way to bend it. Therefore, the angle of the bracket bonding and the rocking curvature of the archwire determine the angle of each tooth,titanium bar gr7, unlike the MEAW technique where there is room for individual adjustment of the angle of each tooth. Use the LH nickel titanium to bend the rocking chair, and then use the arch wire shaper to bend back or forward in the mouth, the effect is quite ideal. Return to Sohu to see more Responsible Editor:. yunchtitanium.com

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