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وظائف بالنفط والبترول وقت كامل وظيفة

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مطلوب على وجه السرعة التخصصات الاتية لاحدي شركات البترول بالامارات


 B.Sc. degree in Petro – Technical discipline. Advanced degree ispreferable

10year's experience in Drilling Engineering (design, analysis and optimization)and 5years’ experience in well control trouble shooting.

Internationalexperience is preferable.

WellControl Certified from IADC or IWCF or equivalent

Evidenceof Authoring and/or Co-authoring Technical Publications in Petroleum journalsand/or conference proceedings; preferable peer reviewed.

Familiarwith industry standards, specifications, codes, and documentation related towell control equipment’s.


B.Sc.degree in petro-technical discipline, advanced degree is preferable

• 15 years in petro-technical discipline ofwhich 5 years in a specialist role,

•Experience in reportwriting with solid presentations skills.

• International experience is preferable.           

• Track record in maturing and applyingnew technologies and participation in R& D projects.

•Excellent spoken andwritten English.

• The nature of responsibilities requiresexpert knowledge in drilling and completion engineering and Rig equipment’s.

• Familiar with industry standards,specifications, codes, and documentation including API, ISO…etc.


MinimumChemical / Mechanical or Materials BSc degree; advanced degree is preferable

15 years of experience in material andcorrosion studies related to Oil and Gas with at least 5 years in materialselection in oil and gas industry.


Candidateshould have at least 3 publications as a first author and minimum of 5co-author publications in journals and/or conferences.


Familiarwith downhole tubulars, casing materials, liners and completion equipment.


Directexperience with materials specifications for demanding environments includingcorrosive and sour service.


Familiarwith metallurgical processing, mechanical and corrosion testing, qualitycontrol, as well as failure analysis of carbon steel and corrosion resistantalloys.


Familiarwith industry standards, specifications, codes, and documentation for welding,testing, inspection, and specification of materials including NACE, API, ASTM,ISO …etc.


BusinessOwner for any Company’s modelling and monitoring analysis software.


Practicalexperience with standard test methods for material testing and advice oninspection, maintenance and repair procedures .


 B.Sc. degree in petro-technicaldiscipline, advanced degree is preferable

. 15years’ proven experience in Drilling and Completion Engineering (design,analysis and optimization and R&D), along 5 years of completions andworkover operations, with demonstrated experience in report writing with solidpresentations skills.


International Experience is desirable.


Track record in maturing and applying newtechnologies and participation in R& D projects.


B.Sc.degree in petro-technical discipline, Master degree is preferable

. 10 years in petro-technicaldiscipline (Reservoir Engineering, Petroleum Engineering, Geoscience), of which5 years in a specialist role. International experience is preferable

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